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A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture what you eat in photos!

Use your photos as a reminder to enter foods later, or simply take them as a visual record of memorable meals.

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Take out the guesswork

Get on top of what you eat with Easy Diet Diary
the easy-to-use Australian calorie counter and diet tracker
loaded with Australian foods. 

Easy Diet Diary has been downloaded by more than 1,000,000 Australians
and is a completely free app with no advertising.

Download Easy Diet Diary from the iPhone app store.

Record quickly and easily

Tracking what you eat has never been easier or more rewarding:

  • Extensive, all-Australian foods, regulary updated
  • Scan barcodes or select from the database
  • Enter foods from recent meals, and copy and paste around your diary
  • Create your own custom foods or recipes

See your results as you go

Check out the energy (Cal/kJ) in the foods you eat, as well as the major nutrients:

  • See a quick summary of your energy intake and nutrients at the top of your diary
  • Toggle between Cal and kJ as you need
  • See results for protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars, fibre, sodium, calcium

Track your progress

Keep an eye on how you're doing:

  • Set your energy (kJ/Cal) goal
  • Set your target weight
  • Chart your progress over time

Loved by thousands of Australians

I love your app. It's helped me lose 12 kg in that last few months. It's the best app for dieting in Australia.
Belinda - Facebook

Thank you so much for this app. I've recently been told I have insulin resistance and have to watch what I eat. I thought trying to find nutritional data was going to be a nightmare, but thanks to your app, planning meals is actually fun.
Bill - Email

Loving your app - especially the food database - better than any other app for Australian foods! 
Aga - Email

I've been a long term user of this app and I absolutely love it - the design is simple, the search base has a huge range of foods, and all the features are convenient for accurate, everyday use! ...Thanks for the great app.
Silvia - email

Best app for Aussie users. Found this much easier and simpler to use than myfitnesspal. Great recipe feature.
Kassimjordy - iTunes

Fantastic app. For someone like myself who has never really monitored what I consume this app is great. The ability to scan barcodes of products is an extra bonus. Can't thank the friend who put be on to this enough.
KingMattyBoomBah - iTunes

Team up with your nutrition professional

Get personalised professional advice based on your food diary.

When you use Easy Diet Diary you can easily share your diary with your nutrition professional such as your dietitian, fitness coach or doctor. They can view your diary in one of our professional software tools and analyse your dietary patterns in detail.

With more complete information about how you eat, your nutrition professional can help you with the best possible advice for your nutrition journey.

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In the pipeline...

We're working with health experts to make Easy Diet Diary really useful for people with specific health conditions. The same great free app, with specialised data and functionality.

For renal conditions

Easy Diet Diary for people with renal conditions who benefit from watching their intake of a variety of nutrients. For use under medical supervision.
A collaboration with Kelly Lambert (Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District), and Grahame J. Elder, (Clinical Professor, University of Notre Dame, Westmead Hospital and Garvan Institute).

For food intolerances

Easy Diet Diary for people who experience food chemical intolerances and benefit from avoiding or limiting their intake of salicylates, amines and glutamates. For use under medical supervision.
A collaboration with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit, Sydney.

The team behind Easy Diet Diary

Easy Diet Diary and Easy Diet Diary Connect are built by Xyris Software, makers of FoodWorks Professional, established and trusted Australian nutritional analysis software for nutrition professionals including dietitians, nutritionists, researchers and educators. FoodWorks is used across Australia and New Zealand. in a wide range of contexts such as health care, sports nutrition, food service, research, recipe publishing and tertiary education.

Made in Australia

Xyris Software are Australian innovators in nutrition information for health and well-being. We're based in Brisbane,  Queensland.

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